Client Testimonials

"I knew I was in the hands of an expert the moment Slipstream Media started work on my online shopping facility. I'm completely satisfied. You understood my needs perfectly and even anticipated needs I didn't know I'd have! Everything looks great and works like a Swiss watch. Thank you Slipstream!"
Robin Grille, www.our-emotional-health.com

"I couldn't have asked for a better website - at any price! It's simplicity, classy style, sense of space, all make it easy for the visitor to navigate from page to page, and back, without getting the feeling one's got lost in a maze, and can never get back to that page one remembers liking. Simple, low-key, but bold - everyone who visits my site says "that's the best site I have been to", and I have to agree."
Andy Fraser, www.andyfraser.com

"Jasmine it is has been wonderful to work with you in building my website. Your creative solutions for my rather vague needs and your diligence in delivery made the whole experience a delight. The site is easy to administer and there has not been a single problem since you handed it over."
Freeman Wyllie, www.freemanwyllie.com

"I found Jasmine really great to work with. She is efficient, grounded and organised, managing to anchor my creative ideas and concepts in a professional and slick web package that has continued to bring me clients from the global community who have trust in the professionalism of my work. Thanks Jazz, you rock..."
Antara Decker, www.kundalini-dance.com

"Slipstream Media was the most creative and thorough website company I have ever worked with. Jasmine's attention to detail shows in the final presentation and her in depth knowledge of the programming technicalities has created a site that continues to function flawlessly. I was particularly impressed with the sense of style that Jasmine brings to her work, tailoring each site to the personality of the client. It is obvious that she puts a lot of thought and time into the design, colours and layout of every job. I would highly recommend Slipstream Media for any type of web design and graphic layout."
Hannah Fraser, Real Eyes Photography, Flying Colours Art Creations, Hannah Fraser Modelling

As a web designer, I have worked with Jasmine on three projects using her expertise in database programming and e-commerce. I highly value our professional relationship, the quality of Jasmine's work and dealing with such a sincere and warm colleague. I look forward to our next project together.
Stephen Marquis, Slam Sound and Web

Jasmine's great to work with. Very creative, helpful, technically expert and reasonably priced. I highly recommend her.
Kirtana, www.kirtana.com

I was delighted with the website Jasmine designed for me. She took the time to get a feel for exactly what I wanted. As it took shape she was very patient and accepting of all my ideas and I felt she was a beautiful person to work with. I was so pleased with her creation.
Kerrie Lynch, www.byronbayinspiration.com

Thankyou so much for the wonderful job you have done with our Website! Thankyou for sharing your brilliance and your talents with us and we look forward to working with you again soon!
Leonie, Christoph and Yuga, www.kindayoga.com

Thank you so much! We cannot thank you enough for the excellent website you have designed for us. The entire process from start to finish was made easy thanks to your level of skill and professionalism: you listened to our ideas, came up with inventive solutions for problems you foresaw, designed the site to merge perfectly (and enhance) our existing look, created a beautiful and intuitive navigation system, found and liased with our Web Hosting Company, installed a tracking device (which has been an invaluble asset) and helped us ensure our site got high ranking listing on search engines.
All these tasks were performed efficiently, professionally and all the while involving us in the process.

Since the site went online we have recieved hundreds of booking requests through the website and many more compliments on the design and professional look of our website. We have recommended you to other people since and will continue to recommend you.

Many thanks again Jasmine, we couldn't have done it without you!
Much respect

David Knox on behalf of FlameOz , www.flameoz.com

Visitor Comments

www.andyfraser.com "Great, GREAT web site Mr. Fraser!!!"

"First of all thank you for the web site. It is very swish & informative and has answered many questions about Andy that I have had..."

"Your website is fantastic, please have a word with your uncle Simon ( Kirke ) he could do with some work with his website."

"What a fantastic presentation of Andy's artistry, integrity, and music! The web site is perhaps the best example of art+form+function that I've ever seen. The "Flash" animations are outstanding. Especially the pencil-drawings during file-loading. You have taken web-site design to a new level as an expression of the artistry of the subject. Please continue to develop the web site."

"Your website is a thing of beauty."

"Excellent Website. Quality."

"Love the site. I am myself in graphic design and audio engineer 30 years worth."

"Just wanted to say what a great website. Really enjoyed the mp3s and video clip from the 'Naked and finally free' Album."