As part of the website design service, Slipstream Media can:
  • register your domain name
  • integrate e-commerce soutions
  • set up database systems
  • set up email accounts
  • set up hosting space
  • provide dependable support
  • maintain your website

Website Design

Slipstream Media offers a full website design service, which encompases all areas of the website production process. Your website can integrate Flash animations and sounds, CGI programming (PHP) and databases (MySQL) to enable interactivity. All websites from Slipstream Media are search engine optimised (SEO) to improve your website's search engine placement.

Slipstream Media produces websites that are very functional and efficient, yet also capture the style and personality of your business. We focus on the importance of fast download times, quality of design, interactivity and highly intuitive navigation. Our designs are all unique and give visitors a captivating and memorable experience.

For more information on how a website can work for your business, and to obtain a free fixed and no-obligation quote, please contact Slipstream Media, or proceed to the Website Planner, an easy to use fill-out form which helps you to send your website request to us.

Visit our Portfolio to see examples of our work.

SlipManager CMS

Slipstream Media has built it's own Content Management System (CMS) called SlipManager.

SlipManager Main Menu

This system has been designed to make managing your site as simple and intuative as possible, allowing you to update content and pictures in your website quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day! Add products, keep your news fresh and current, upload videos, update press releases, add pictures to your online photo gallery or add links to other sites in exchange for links to your website... the possibilities are endless!

As SlipManager has been developed by us, we can customise SlipManager to suit your needs. We work with you to create the structure of the website, and then it is as simple as filling out a form to update your content. We can also add extra functions to SlipManager, such as a system to send HTML Newsletters to your Mailing List, the ability to view orders and invoices or manage Wholesaler Accounts. No lengthy training or programming ability are necessary to use the SlipManager - simply fill in the blanks and your website information is automatically updated! SlipManager puts you in control of your website, and saves you the cost of ongoing maintenance.

HTML E-Newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the best promotional tools an online business can have, and a growing mailing list of interested customers quickly becomes a very valuable asset. Slipstream Media can incorporate a system of collecting email addresses using a double opt-in method, and offers a range of newsletter styles from simple text-based to fully designed HTML newsletters. Newsletters can be sent to the whole mailing list from SlipManager, and automatic un-subscription buttons are included in each email sent. More information about how newsletters work, and the options available can be found in the Newsletters section of the Q&A page.

Free Website Appraisal

Have your current website appraised by Slipstream Media, and receive a detailed report including possible modifications or upgrades, all free of charge. Quotations for upgrades will be given on request, also free of charge.

Website Maintenance

It's important to keep your website content current and fresh. Sometimes just a few new photographs and some fresh text can give your site a whole new feel. Additions and minor alterations are charged at an hourly rate. Up-front quotes are given.

Website Upgrades

Is your site looking a bit outdated? Perhaps you want your site to have more pages or more functionality. We can upgrade your site to give it the latest look with animation, a fresh design, CSS styling and greater functionality using CGI programming and website databases.

Graphic Design

Slipstream Media also offers graphic design services for printed material, such as:
  • Business Cards
  • WebCards
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Letterheads
  • Posters
  • Packaging
  • Full company branding
If you are also purchasing a website, using designs for printed material which correspond to the look of your website strengthens brand recognition. For more information, please contact us, or visit our Portfolio to see examples of our work.

Database Programming

Adding a database to your website enables the use of valuable features such as mailing lists, messageboards, gathering visitor information, product catalogues, ordering and e-commerce processes. SlipManager uses databases which enable you to easily add, delete or modify text, images, downloadable files, even video and audio files on your website, which will keep your site constantly fresh, and save you the cost of on-going maintenance. Slipstream Media uses MySQL database technology.

Digital Photography

(Servicing the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia. Other locations are a possibility by negotiation.)

Professional and captivating images are essential for any promotional material, and especially for a website. We offer high resolution (5.2 megapixels) images which can be used for your website or for printed material.

We can also create custom wallpapers or screensavers which visitors can download from your website, and are a great idea for business promotion. Photo shoots can be done on location by request. Photographs can be provided to you on CD-R, which you can use for future advertising purposes for AU$5.00 plus shipping. For more information, please contact us.

Visit our Portfolio to see examples of our work.

Here are some ideas for your promotional photographs:
  • Biography photos
  • Product photography
  • Store or showroom images
  • Live performances
  • Workshops
  • Events

Photo Restoration

Hardcopy or scanned photographs can be restored and enhanced for printed material or website graphics. Prices for restorations are quoted individually. CD-Rs of restored images can be posted to you for AU$5.00 plus shipping. For more information, please contact us.