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Welcome to Slipstream Media

Slipstream Media offers a professional and comprehensive graphic design and website development service. Our custom built websites deliver highly functional business solutions using innovative and original designs which are intuitive to use, embody the style and intention of your business, and give you an internet presence second to none.

At Slipstream Media, we work closely with you to formulate the best strategy to meet your business needs, ranging from brochure-style websites to full-featured e-commerce online stores which utilize databases and powerful CGI scripting. All websites from Slipstream Media are search engine optimised (SEO) to improve your website's search engine placement.

Our graphic design service can provide you with a wide range of printed material, from business cards and brochures to product packaging and posters. We can develop your whole branding, giving you a complete set of printed and online material.

SlipManager CMS

SlipManager Slipstream Media has built it's own Content Management System (CMS) called SlipManager. This system has been designed to make managing your site as simple and intuative as possible, allowing you to update your website content quickly and easily, at any time, from anywhere in the world!

We will work with you to create the structure of your website, integrating SlipManager into your unique website design, even if it's a Flash-based website. This invaluable feature gives you control of your website, allowing you to add, update or delete text and images without any training or programming ability, enabling you to keep your website content fresh and accurate, and saving you the cost of ongoing maintanence.

Free Quotes

We offer free, no-obligation quotes which outline the total project cost, up-front, and you will find our prices very competitive. You can rest assured that you will receive what you asked for at the price you expected! We are dedicated to finishing projects on time, in fact we endevour to complete your website as fast as possible, so that you don't have to wait to experience the advantages to your business.

Great Service

At Slipstream Media, we pride ourselves on the strength of our personalised customer service, and are available to help you with any aspect of your expansion into the world of online business. Our comprehensive service also includes website maintenance and upgrades, free appraisals, digital photography, scanning, and graphic design for printed promotional material. Slipstream Media can take care of every aspect of your website development.

Visit our portfolio to see examples of our professional and unique work, and read testimonials from our satisfied customers, and visitors to their websites.

Using This Website

This site is filled with free information to help you during the website production process, and give you the tools to make your website work for you. At Slipstream Media, we believe in giving our clients the information and support to help them feel confidant in owning and using their website to it's greatest potential.

Website Tips give you a better understanding of what makes a successful website.

View the range of Services offered by Slipstream Media to see how we can provide a complete promotional package. The outline of the Development Process gives you an understanding of how your website is created, from defining your objectives and developing your strategy through to uploading and testing.

The Website Planner is an easy to use fill-out form, which helps you to clarify your intention for your website, enables you to choose which website elements you want and then send your request to us along with other necessary information. Using this information, Slipstream Media can send you a quote for your new website. It's that simple!

Writing captivating website content is a tricky business, so if you choose to write your content yourself, be sure to visit the Content Guide which gives many useful guidelines, templates and information about how to send website content to us.

Our Marketing page outlines different methods for advertising your website online and off-line.

The Q&A page gives you an overall picture of what a website is, how the internet works, and answers other frequestly asked questions.

We have also compiled a list of Links to other useful and relevant websites.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Why Get A Website?

In recent years, owning a website has become a standard requirement for just about every business. This is no suprise as the benefits of using the internet for business needs are numerous and growing. Establishing an impressive internet presence gives your business class and credibility, and opens your business to the growing global internet market.

Your website forms a central location to hold your business information, products and services, contact information and policies, which can be kept continuously up-to-date. Many of your business activities can be streamlined through your website, from booking and feedback forms to online e-commerce, networking and responding to client queries. Many tasks can be automated and communications throught your website are more convenient and cost effective.

One of the most valuable features of a website is the ability to gather visitor information to build your all-important mailing list, which can be used to develop and maintain awareness of your business activities, products and services. You can join the Slipstream Media mailing list at the bottom of the page. Website statistics provide detailed information about who and how many people are visiting your website, allowing you to track the success of your website and the effect of any supporting promotional activities.

For more information on how a website can work for your business, and to obtain a free no-obligation quote, contact Slipstream Media, or proceed to the Website Planner, and easy to use fill-out form which helps you to send your website request to us.